ReLi makes eco-friendly portable electronics made from recycled plastics and up-cycled tech.


A New Way

We’re on a mission to prove that amazing, useful products can be created while reducing our impact on the planet.

Ultimately, ReLi wants to live in a world where our technology is built to support our lives as much as our planet’s - so we’re making things in a new, different way.


The ReLi Charger

ReLi’s debut product charges your phone on-the-go and its unique design means it’s the greenest portable charger on the planet (literally).

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ReLi’s Approach


Re-using Lithium

At the heart of ReLi is its approach to sourcing batteries. Instead of using brand-new batteries, we’re developing a way to take pre-existing Lithium-based batteries that have been prematurely discarded, from laptops to electric vehicles.

This means less strain on our earth’s resources and fewer batteries being unnecessarily wasted.

Responsible plastic

We only use recycled plastic in our products. Sourced from single-use drinks bottles, ReLi helps reduce plastic waste ending up in our landfills and oceans. With a shocking 12.7 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, we see an opportunity to give plastics a new exciting life in our products.


An early ReLi Charger prototype and its core components.

An early ReLi Charger prototype and its core components.

Simply made, simply recycled

Using responsibly sourced materials is one thing, but what about about when your charger reaches end-of-life? While we focus on durable and long-lasting design, our primary focus is making it as easy as possible to recycle when the time comes.

Using no metal screws, toxic adhesives or resins, our products are easily disassembled and split into their core components: one battery pack, one circuit board and the plastic shell. This means it’s significantly easier to process for recycling, ensuring nothing needs to end up in landfill.

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